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Media and Testimonials

Praise for ETERNALLY YOURS, where Rabbi Reuven Mann brings the Book of Exodus to life with dip-into parables that offer inspiration for your life today.

" Profound ideas in an accessible package. A home run! "

"Rabbi Mann displays the magical balance of casual-style reading with deep, relevant ideas" 

 More Amazon.com reviews:

" A genuinely enjoyable experience. It's as if the rabbi is at your table, speaking to you in conversation, yet you know that you are in the presence of a great scholar."

“Completely relatable and applicable to man, woman and child in any stage of life.”

“Unpretentious, clear and concise: I thank the rabbi for this sensitive and thought-provoking book of wisdom.”

“Very clear and easy to read, with deep ideas, penetrating the depths of wisdom in the Bible.”

" I've read Exodus many times, but the points Rabbi Mann delves into appear new and fresh to my learning. Eternally Yours offers a great way to enhance your understanding and connection to the Torah.”

“Rabbi Mann’s Divrei Torah are creative and thought-provoking. He takes the reader through the parsha, unfolding it with a deeper meaning, and concludes with a relevant lesson for this day and age. His writing style is fluent, clear, and precise. This important contribution to contemporary Jewish thought and practice would be a valuable addition to any Jewish library, rabbi and layman alike.”   Rabbi Aharon Zeigler