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Books published by the Observant Artists Community Circle:

                                    NEW!  Eternally Yours

              EXODUS: Torah's Enduring Relevance for a Life of Wisdom                                                        By Rabbi Rueven Mann


“Full of life lessons that can be applied to one's personal situation."

Will be appreciated by both scholar and introductory student alike.”

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Rabbi Richard Borah (Author),‎ Richard McBee

Creativity and the Jewish Soul analyzes how creativity relates to the events in each of the 11 Torah portions of Exodus. Drawing heavily upon Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik's insights, the current text explores man's creative impulse from a Torah perspective.  Get it on Amazon

Rabbi Richard Borah

Torah commentary, poetry and original paintings that relate to the exalted place of creativity in Jewish life and practice. Drawing on ideas from scholars such as the Rambam, Rashi and Rabbi Soloveitchik, poetry from a broad spectrum including Yehuda HaLevi to Robert Frost and Rilke and modern paintings by Richard McBee.  Get it on Amazon.

  • Understanding the Lonely Man of Faith   Richard Borah

This book analyzes the great essay "The Lonely Man of Faith" by Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik.  Rabbi Borah explores the two dimensions of the human personality - the "majestic" and the "redemptive". The text explores Rabbi Soloveitchik's idea that the communities man builds (the Work Community and the Covenantal Community) reflect these two different and opposing aspects of the human being.  Get it on amazon.com  

  • Yad on the Yad: 14 Analyses of Rambam's Laws of Repentance,  

          Rabbi Richard Borah  amazon.com