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Observant Artists Community Circle

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Observant Artists Community Circle is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

About Us

Observant Artists Community Circle (OACC) is dedicated to bringing together Jewish artists and Jewish scholars in order to combine their insights and energies for the betterment of the Jewish and general community. Richard Borah, musician, composer and writer established the organization in 1996, hosting events in New York City where rabbis and Jewish scholars, poets, playwrights, and musicians provided short presentations to a variety of Jewish audiences, creating a comfortable welcoming space where artists and scholars could connect.

Observant Artists Community Circle has carried out important community projects and activities:

1-Masoret Institute (Classes in Jewish thought)   masoretinstitute .  The Masoret Institute, under the leadership of Rabbi Reuven Mann,  offers a variety of  live classes in Jewish thought, accessible online or through telephone or computer connection.  

2-The Worry Wall Project   An art therapy project utilizing artistic expression in which artists and social workers team up with local schools to address anxieties and fears in children, especially after traumatic events within the school or the community.  worrywall

3-The Message Wall (An art therapy project utilizing artistic expression in which artists and social workers work with children who have lost a parent, other relative or friend at at every age.  messagewall

4- Books

5-Concerts and gathering feature new and established Jewish artists (musicians, poets, painters, etc.)

6-Art shows, exhibits and panel discussions featuring new and established painters, sculptures and mix-media artists